Fund-raiser for the girl Rital

School sponsors wanted!

This is 5-year-old Rital from a Nubian village near Aswan in Upper Egypt - an intelligent, gifted girl who already knows some English and wants to become a doctor one day. Rital is now at the age where she is supposed to be enrolled in pre-school, which is the prerequisite for later school attendance in Egypt. The state preschools in the villages are overcrowded with poorly qualified teachers and more than 50 pupils for whom no one really cares. Those who can afford it send their child to the bilingual (English-Arabic) Nile Egyptian School in New Aswan, where they receive individual support and a good foundation for their future careers.

Unfortunately, her mother Hager, whom AdmaCUM helped to study law over 10 years ago, does not have the necessary financial means to do so, as her husband has left her and does not provide her with any financial support. With the little that Hager earns as a working woman - a rarity in an Egyptian village - she provides for herself, her daughter and her old, sick mother.

Hager is a strong Egyptian woman who stands up against the injustice that often befalls women in Egyptian villages at the hands of their husbands. Her heart's desire is for Rital to receive the same education as she did, so that one day she can become a confident young woman who can realise her dream of becoming a doctor and help the women of Egypt.

Therefore, we would like to ask you:

Donate for Rital's school attendance!

You can make a one-time donation or take on a permanent school sponsorship for Rital. 500.00 Euro per month are necessary for Rital to attend the international Nile Egyptian School in New Aswan. This includes transport costs, school uniform, school equipment, school meals, private tuition, etc. The sponsorship can also be divided among several sponsors. Please contact us in this regard.

Your donation is tax deductible and we will gladly send you a receipt.
We thank you in advance for your donation and will keep you informed about Rital's progress at school.

Alexandra Walterskirchen (1. Chairwoman AdmaCUM e.V.)

Please transfer your donation with the note "Donation for Rital" to our AdmaCUM account:

IBAN: DE07 7008 0000 0333 5677 00

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