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The permaculture project "Fruit Forest Garden" in Sri Lanka was launched by Benjamin Schreyer and his Sinhalese wife Anusha. The main plot was bought in 2008 when Benjamin decided to emigrate permanently to Sri Lanka and live here as a self-supporter. Initially, a tropical fruit direct shipping business with small farmers to Germany was established, and soon after Benjamin experimented with growing tropical fruits according to permaculture principles.

In 2020, the idea developed to plant a larger fruit forest garden as a "reforestation project" for a neighbouring property. The property was regularly affected by wildfires, almost all of the trees had been felled, and there was severe soil erosion to some extent. Invasive grass had taken over the entire hillside, crowded out native wild herbs and posed a tremendous fire hazard in the summer.

The project then started in 2022 with the purchase of a 3-hectare subdivision.

The target is to create a colourful mixed fruit forest garden according to permaculture principles with about 300 different varieties of fruit, spices, medicinal plants, but also other rare trees that are used for Ayurvedic purposes or Singhalese medicine, among other things.

The severely damaged property (approx. 5-6 hectare) will be reforested in this way, and besides the planted trees also the natural riverine forest will be given more space. There will then be native wild herb meadows and wild vegetation again corresponding to the climate zone. The fruit forest garden will be replanted on 3-hectare, the rest will be treated as a nature reserve and regeneration zone and used for gentle eco-tourism. The special feature of the property is the completely isolated location, the view and the unique riverine forest that is reminiscent of subtropical rainforest, although it is the temperate climate zone in Sri Lanka.

The barren grassland is thus transformed into a harvest forest whose fruits serve as food for future generations while preserving biodiversity. As part of a self-sustaining community, a future model for a permaculture way of life and living is also being experimented with, where humans are part of the fruit forest garden and live in harmony with it.

The project is in phase-1 and has been funded by Admacum e.V. since 2023.

Phase 1 - Build infrastructure

  • Purchase of land (60% completed)
  • Construction of boundary fences and firebreaks (25% completed)
  • Laying out the footpaths and a small footbridge over the river (path network 40% completed)
  • Water supply via small dam in the river and water canal

Phase 2 - Prepare land

  • Cut grass and use as mulch
  • Create "swales" on contour to prevent soil erosion and "harvest" rainwater
  • Create compost in large quantity
  • Create a nursery and start gathering the plants/trees and pulling suitable cores respectively
  • Planning the planting sites and digging the planting holes, which can then already be filled with compost

Phase 3 - Planting trees

  • Plant all trees at the beginning of the rainy season in November (target is November 2024)
  • Care for trees and fence if necessary
  • Care and maintenance

Phase 4 - Ecotourism

  • Construction of cottages and the necessary infrastructure

Benjamin Schreyer documents his fruit forest garden project on his website:

Donate for the establishment of a fruit forest garden in Sri Lanka and the protection of the natural riverine forest!

You can make a one-time donation or take on a permanent fruit forest garden sponsorship. The monthly donation amount is € 50.00. This will be used to prepare the land for planting young trees, remove invasive grassland and tending the young fruit forest garden. It is also possible to visit the project on site.

Your donation is tax deductible. We will gladly send you a receipt upon request.

We thank you in advance for your donation and will keep you regularly informed about the development of the fruit forest garden.

Alexandra Walterskirchen

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