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Muhammad (12 years old) lives with his parents and three older siblings in Naga Garmele in the El Kobania municipality. His father is a motorboat driver for tourists and his earnings are below the Egyptian subsistence level. He attends secondary school in Aswan and is a very smart boy. He loves to learn and wants to complete his studies to become a doctor one day. His wish is to help the sick poor people in his village in this way.

Sponsor a child from a poor family in Southern Egypt

Did you know that in Egypt most boys from poor families have to go to work (as labourers) after 6 years of primary school to contribute to their family's livelihood? And that girls hardly have a chance to get a secondary school education, but are married off as early as possible so that they are provided for?

AdmaCUM started 17 years ago to place poor children (boys and girls) with German, Austrian and Swiss sponsors. With the monthly school sponsorship (minimum fee from € 100.00), the sponsors enable their sponsored child to attend school (school clothing, books, writing utensils, school meals, extra tuition from qualified private teachers, etc.) and promote their school education and further training. This ensures that the children and young people can attend schools or secondary schools and thus receive an important educational foundation that will later enable the particularly intelligent to study at a faculty. Thanks to an AdmaCUM study sponsorship, a girl from a poor family has already been able to study law at a faculty and now works as a lawyer.

The better and more comprehensive the school education, the better the later chances for a good profession (also for girls) and a good income. In this way, young people can make a decisive contribution to improving the living situation of their families and raising the standard of living. The position of young women also gains in prestige and self-confidence as a result.

That is why child sponsorships are so important!

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On behalf of the sponsored children, I say a heartfelt thank you!

Yours, Alexandra Walterskirchen
1st Chairwoman AdmaCUM e.V.

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