Association profile

In 2004, the author and publicist Helene Walterskirchen had the idea of founding a non-profit association in the spirit of promoting the culture of life, society and the intellectual mind, which she realised together with her daughter Alexandra and some like-minded people.

On 5 August 2004, the association was registered in the Munich Register of Associations as follows: AdmaCUM – Centre for the Advancement of global Culture of Life, Society and the Spirit (registered association)

The association is recognised as a non-profit organisation due to the promotion of culture and popular education according to the exemption notice of November 19th, 2020 from the Kaufbeuren tax office, tax number 125/107/00331. This enables the association to issue donation receipts for incoming donations.

The board consists of the following people:

Alexandra Walterskirchen

  • 1st Chairwoman since 2022 after the death of her mother Helene Walterskirchen (founding member, previously Treasurer since 2004)
  • author
  • publicist
  • cultural mentor

Peter Hartl

  • vice-chairman since 2022
  • photographer
  • graphic designer

Sigrid Böhme

  • treasurer since 2022
  • construction technician

Uwe Dech

  • Secretary since 2022 (founding member)
  • self-employed kitchen fitter

+49 8241 800 43 41
+49 8241 800 43 42

‭ Schloss Rudolfshausen
‭Hauptstr. 22
‭86859 Holzhausen-Igling