Charity culture

With donations we support people in need, alleviate their needs and offer them a future worth living.

One year after its founding, AdmaCUM e.V. began promoting various charitable cultural projects by providing financial assistance to needy people in emergency situations. Among other things, a kidney transplant for a young man with kidney disease in Egypt was financed by donations (including medical follow-up care); an intelligent girl from the Nubian poor areas in southern Egypt was enabled to graduate from high school and subsequently study law at a university. Two unemployed fathers were given a new livelihood through the purchase of a motorboat.

In the past 4 years, AdmaCUM or rather the section "Friedenskulturzentrum Schloss Rudolfshausen" has held or sponsored 11 benefit concerts in the Landsberg area. The money raised by these concerts went to refugee and social work of authorities (municipalities, district office), institutions like Red Cross and peace projects.

Today, after 10 years, AdmaCUM is enabling the kidney transplanted man to receive further costly medical treatments, as his transplanted kidney is no longer fully functioning. Furthermore, AdmaCUM has resumed its school sponsorship of gifted children from poor families in the Nubian areas of southern Egypt.

This is only a small selection of charitable projects that AdmaCUM has supported since its foundation. Through donations, lives have been saved, livelihoods made possible, poverty reduced and young people have been given a secure and liveable future.

There is always something to do! We thank you for your support …

Suzan, Muhammad, Rital and other of our protégés currently need money for their school education and Achmed needs medical support. We thank you for every donation.

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