Suzan, 14 years

Sponsor for Suzan wanted

Suzan (14 years old) lives in the community of El Kobania. She lives with her mother and four sisters. Her father died a year ago, leaving the family destitute. He was an agricultural labourer (fellache) and his two eldest daughters had to

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Muhammad, 12 years

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Muhammad (12 years old) lives with his parents and three older siblings in Naga Garmele in the El Kobania municipality. His father is a motorboat driver for tourists and his earnings are below the Egyptian subsistence level. He attends

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Fund-raiser for the girl Rital

This is 5-year-old Rital from a Nubian village near Aswan in Upper Egypt - an intelligent, gifted girl who already knows some English and wants to become a doctor one day. Rital is now at the age where she is supposed to be enrolled in

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