With your membership you support and promote our association AdmaCUM e.V. and its cultural projects not only financially but also ideally. Together we are a strong force!

Notes on membership

Any natural or legal person of full legal capacity who supports the aims of the organisation can become a member of AdmaCUM. The annual membership fee (01.01.-31.12.) is:

Supporting member: from: € 250.00
Regular member: € 100.00
Students or low-income earners: € 50.00 (with proof)

The membership fee is to be paid at the beginning of the calendar year, by 31 January at the latest. It is valid for one year, i.e., until 31.12. of the respective calendar year. If you join after 30 September, you must pay half the annual membership fee.

According to the statutes, the annual membership fee is also due if the membership has been cancelled for the end of the calendar year and confirmed by the association's management.

How do I become a member of AdmaCUM e.V.?

It is as easy as that: Please fill in the following membership form and send it to us by email, by post or fax.

We will then contact you immediately and confirm your membership. With your membership you will automatically receive your AdmaCUM membership number and the association's statutes.

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