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Experimental Cultivation Rudolfshausen Castle

In the ecological research and experimental cultivation centre Rudolfshausen Castle, created in the fall of 2018, experiments are being conducted on the basis of Holzer's permaculture concept and the extended project "Permaculture Fruit Forest Garden", on how these methods can be applied in a castle garden in such a way that a harmonious symbiosis is created, in which nature is granted a broad space and yet the character of a castle garden is preserved.

The project is under the direction of Alexandra Walterskirchen, who has a penchant for experimentation as well as a great love of plants and nature. The project is about the reintroduction of old, almost extinct plant varieties, fruit trees, berry bushes, etc., about ideal locations where plants feel particularly comfortable and thrive especially well, about plants and cultivation possibilities for year-round self-sufficiency, about the creation of a self-sufficient and healthy flora that relieves the gardener, and much more.

We are documenting our experimental cultivation project in "gardening blogs" that are freely available to everyone

Fridays for Gardening

The new project "Fridays for Gardening ... in a World of Permaculture" (created in September 2019) convinces us with its future philosophy, which deals with the most important thing that concerns all people on this earth equally: their daily nutrition and the production of the food needed for it. In order to ensure people’s basic supply with food, a future-oriented agriculture is needed (or rather future-oriented gardening, with which people can provide for themselves). The magic word here is: PERMACULTURE CULTIVATION.

To provide people with all the necessary data, know-how and practical instructions, Fridays for Gardening offers a permaculture network in which all permaculture enthusiasts can participate free of charge. Instead of "Fridays for Future", the hands-on farming and gardening project is called "Fridays for Gardening", because Fridays, when school and work come to an end, are the ideal time for gardening.

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