Culture of peace

We use donations to promote the culture of peace and a peace-oriented lifestyle.

We have been providing significant support to various peace culture projects for several years. These include the peace art project "THE PEACE BANDEROLE" launched in 2010 by Helene Walterskirchen and her team to give people who say "yes" to peace the opportunity to paint their inner peace image on the banderole. The PEACE BANDEROLE plays an important role as a pedagogical medium, accompanying schools; in this context, numerous painting campaigns were carried out at schools. In this way, a 1.7 km long folk artwork of peace was created, on which several thousand peace paintings can be found and which is continuously growing.

In addition, the sister project "PUPILS PAINT FOR PEACE" developed from 2016 onwards, in which pupils paint individual works of art of peace in art classes. The resulting artworks are presented in PEACE ART exhibitions. So far, there are the campaigns: "Augsburg pupils paint for peace 2016", "Landsberg pupils paint for peace 2017", “Kempten pupils paint for peace 2018" and "Munich pupils paint for peace 2019". The most beautiful and original peace paintings were each awarded prizes.

Since AdmaCUM e.V. has been based in Schloss Rudolfshausen (since 2011), the section "Friedenskulturzentrum Schloss Rudolfshausen" (Peace Culture Centre Rudolfshausen Castle) has emerged as a collective term for all of AdmaCUM's non-profit peace culture projects. AdmaCUM has supported all of the aforementioned non-profit peace culture projects through donations, thus helping to make them a reality.

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